Listen to “If one green bottle should accidentally fall”

Sunday Miscellany Broadcast 24/6/2012

My piece is at the start.  (TG!!:0)

It tells of that first long summer of secondary school holidays stretching out for months and I decide to tackle a large green bottle and  plant a garden in it (as you do) only when I was moving it it smashed beneath me and my scant biological knowledge came to the fore and I waited for  a sliver of glass to pierce my heart and I’d be no more. ……… still here to tell the tale! I seem to have had run ins with glass through out the piece.

Listen to Going for a T. R. O. T

21/3/2010 Sunday Miscellany broadcast.

This piece was inspired by being a mother of three little ones, I wanted a bit of me time and found walking did the trick. Of course if the little ones got wind of it they would want to tag along and slow down this power walk I so craved. So I got to the stage where I’d spell it out to their dad. I am going for a T. R.O.T.  But as they got more with it they began to ask ” can I come for a TRO!!